What does anime mean to you?
What is anime?
Why is it so powerful? 
Why is it a great teacher?
Why do i become so motivated/inspired after i have watched it?
How can i channel that motivation to become disciplined?

In life there are many things we cannot explain, many we cannot understand. Many things we will never know because humans never live long enough to fully grow up.

One life, one path, one chance and one experience of this world.

Anime elevated that experience for most of our team, just as it did for you and i. It helped us learn and live in other people/characters' lives. We were able to see how each character navigated through life in their own way. How each individual had characteristics that would aid them to become successful towards their goals. In the end we saw life at many lenses, as if we lived more than once, gathering a lot of wisdom from these stories. It first sight, it might seem like childish cartoon, but it's far from it, the distance is like heaven and earth. They are valuable lessons you have to take and apply to oneself. 

These are the lessons and traits you should want to embody; they are the traits that will make you win in life. I for example was saved by anime from a depressed state, from not having purpose, from not having self, from losing everything that i held dear and not having anyone understand where i was and what i felt. It was in the deep dark abyss that i wished to end my life, but anime helped me struggle my way out of that pit and seek out a new life that i never knew i could have. If you wish to hear a bit of my story Read here.

I used to think anime was a cartoon, a game, a fantasy, but when i saw how closely related to life it was, i knew it was going to be difficult to find a better teacher, when i fell in love, i became stronger, more resilient, more perceptive, much eager to learn and grow. To fulfill my purpose. So that's why, along with my team, we have taken the time to unite all likeminded people through this brand.

So that we can make a formidable team, share our story and win at life together.