Our Story

Right-Fit / RFO is a fitness brand for all (athlete and anime) lovers

What's an Athlete: An athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercise, sport, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. Athletes are competitive by nature, with self or others. They possess exceptional physical abilities, skills, and often undergo rigorous training to excel in their chosen path.


It goes like this:

People workout to become stronger like anime characters, they use it to build discipline, confidence and character. They use it to go to war with themselves, so they can leave their old self and tap into a new self, untouched territory. That could be physically, mentally or emotionally. The option for these people after going through a tough time in life, is to either give up or level up. Either to become a hero or a villain.


Anime stories have a tremendous influence over many of our lives. To a RightFit Athlete, many of these stories have taught us an incredible amount of life lessons. From morality to hard work, from perseverance to never letting go of your dreams. Most of our team has been inspired through such stories and character development to level up and not give up after such tragic events in our lives.

At Right-Fit, we believe in the power of combining your passion and story. Our timeless t-shirts and inspirational anime designs.  All to inspire and empower. Whether you're lifting weights or running miles, our apparel bridges the gap between fitness and fandom, helping you reach untapped potential.

"Wear Your Passion. Unleash Your Power."
"Anime Spirit. Athletic Strength."
"Inspiration on Your Back, Strength in Your Heart."
"Where Fitness Meets Fandom."

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